SysNeuro students get full Semmelweis U transcripts (US compatible) directly acceptable at their sending (home) universities.

Students’ home universities typically require the achievement of credits as result of a study abroad stay. In the case of doubt, the acknowledgement of earned credits by the students’ home university must be negotiated in the application phase. BSCS Systems Neuroscience students are properly enrolled at Semmelweis U at the time of their studies in Budapest.

Thus the SysNeuro credit system is identical with the credit system of Semmelweis University, which in turn strictly follows the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). For official ECTS information, please consult this link:

In terms of credits numbers, BSCS Systems Neuroscience offers 18 ECTS credits, detailed as follows. Students can obtain 1.2 credits for one contact hour. The 8 courses (7 Neuroscience and 1 Central European Culture), each is consisted of 20+3 hours of lectures+practice, equals 16 credits and an additional 2 credits can be obtained for the Hungarian language course.

Every BSCS Systems Neuroscience student attending at least 90% of the classes and meeting the requirements of each examination receives a Semmelweis transcript as well as a Certificate from the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Semmelweis University demonstrating the duration and other specifics of the courses attended and also the grades obtained.